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Application of B-theory for numerical method of functional differential equations in the analysis of fair value in financial accounting


Financial accounting, the use of historical cost of assets, is an important basic principle of historical cost, which is to become the dominant mode of accounting measurement. Background analyses, as well as the historical cost basis and fair value, result from the development of the theory of historical cost and fair value. Historical cost and fair value measurement model has its own advantages and problems. Based on this background, the paper applies B-theoretical numerical methods to differential equations pan function analysis for calculation of fair value accounting and conducts theoretical analysis of their stability and convergence. Finally, numerical examples with different methods of calculating an approximate solution are provided and a comparison of the various methods is done based on the results obtained. The results show fair value accounting better meets the needs of the target –decision-making availability, compared to historical cost or fair value, more in line with the requirements of Accounting Information Quality.

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