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Corrosion of Transparent Electrodes Study


This work reports a study of corrosion lifetime of transparent electrodes deposited on the microscopic glass substrate. A procedure was developed for obtaining the transparent electrode by spray method. The corrosion lifetime variation in the presence of 1.5 M NaOH medium chemically degraded at room temperature before and after gamma irradiation was determined by measuring the evolution of the structure, electrical and optical characteristics. The mean values of transmittance up to 25 month before and after irradiation were calculated 91% ±6% and 96±7%, respectively. The average value of resistivity after corrosion and age time after γ-irradiation was 0.016±9% Ω.cm and 0.017± 4% at 1.0 kHz. No significant changes observed for 27 hr corrosion and 25 month age time of the transparent electrodes in NaOH solution.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials