Modern design solutions of power boiler using the welded fin tubes for heat exchangers. Depending on thermal parameters (pressure and temperature), the heat transfer fluid and flue gas these constructions can be preheater, economizers or superheaters. Their use can significantly increase the energy efficiency of boilers. For the manufacture of welded fin tubes are used non-alloy steels and low-alloy C-Mo, C-Cr-Mo. Analysis of project assumptions supercritical blocks indicates that the range of conventional steel for power and martensitic steels has been depleted. Designing higher performance outlet of steam to 720°C and 35MPa requires the use of austenitic steels and nickel alloys. These materials are not easily available and not fully recognized, both technologically and in terms of materials, especially in the area of their weldability. In this work, performed the review of probably directions of development of materials for the finned tubes, with a particular focus on laser welding technology.

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