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Iron Citrate (Synthesit) Supplementation During Pancreas Cancer Showed Surprising Results – Case Study

   | Dec 31, 2023


Iron is a crucial mineral for our organism and its deficiency can cause serious health problems such as anaemia, fatigue, and impaired physical fitness. It has been shown that anaemia or iron deficiency is very common in patients with cancer. These patients benefit from iron supplementation either in intravenous or oral form. Our patient is a 67-year-old Russian woman with pancreatic cancer diagnosed in 2019. She fought off lymphocytic leukaemia in 2015. She refused treatment for her pancreatic cancer. The specific type of pancreatic cancer was not specified as the patient chose not to undergo targeted testing. Between March 2020 and February 2023, she took the dietary supplement Synthesit for three cycles (1 cycle lasted about a month).

After taking the dietary supplement, a total percentage of neutrophils became in the reference range. Subjectively, the patient started to feel better after taking Synthesit and her quality of life and well-being has improved as well. It might be supposed that the dietary supplement could have some effect on her well-being and various blood parameters such as white cells count.

Even though the dietary supplement is not supposed to be used for treatment of diseases, it can change some blood parameters and improve the immune system.

This short case study presents the patient with pancreatic cancer who started to take the dietary supplement Synthesit which contains iron in the form of citrate salt in a dosage of 800 μg per capsule, 1 capsule per day. The dietary supplement was administered over three treatment cycles (1 cycle took about a month) from March 2020 to February 2023. It describes a difference in blood test results before taking Synthesit and after the administration of Synthesit.

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