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Geodetic monitoring of geotechnical structures displacements: a case study of Radiowo landfill site in warsaw


Geodetic monitoring of deformation has an important role in ensuring the safety of geotechnical objects by monitoring of not exceeding the critical states defined for slope stability and monitoring the uniformity of the object settlement process. A special case of such objects are landfills built of various anthropogenic materials. Heterogeneous building material causes increased values of displacements in relation to other geotechnical objects and requires that measurement works be carried out throughout the entire life cycle of the landfill: both in the exploitation phase, during the reclamation period and in the post-exploitation phase. This study presents the methodology of geodetic measurements of deformation of geotechnical objects on the example of the Radiowo landfill and the results of this type of measurements carried out for 30 years on this object. The analysis of the literature has also shown that, in addition to the commonly used geodetic methods, it is possible to use modern measurement methods such as laser scanning and photogrammetry, which are more and more often successfully used in the measurement of this type of structures. These methods can be an interesting alternative in measuring the displacement of landfills or constitute their perfect supplement.