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Use of Renewable Energy Sources as a Tool Supporting the Protection of Cultural Values of Warsaw’s Suburbs: Case Study of Manor in Warsaw-Białołęka


The article aims to present the research results on the possibility of using alternative energy sources and pro-ecological solutions as a tool supporting the protection of the cultural and natural landscape of the suburbs of Warsaw. Near Warsaw, there are individual objects or complexes that constitute this area’s cultural identity. The difficulty is to adapt them to current energy standards without interfering with their original material, especially concerning wooden buildings. Instead of subjecting them to thermal modernization, it is worth considering alternative solutions, such as photovoltaics. A wooden manor house in Warsaw-Białołęka was selected for detailed research. The study has shown that the optimal use of 26 photovoltaic modules that were adopted with a total installation capacity of 7.54 kWp will be optimal for this type of edifice. The simple payback time of the investment will be about ten years. To eliminate the negative aesthetic effect of the installation, panels in the appropriate color should be used, or the use of photovoltaic tiles should be considered, although the investment costs will increase. The study has shown indisputable benefits, including economic ones, resulting from the solutions used.