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Hencky–Bolle’s Plates of Medium Thickness on Elastic Subsoil


The paper presents equations of theory of plates resting on elastic subsoil. Theories of thin and medium thickness plates applied to subsoils with one and two parameters, including Vlasov’s and Winkler’s subsoils, were analysed. The case of placing a “self-balancing” load on the edge of a half-band resting on the Vlasov’s and Winkler’s elastic subsoils was considered. It was proved that the so-called boundary effect occurs only in medium thickness plates and plates resting on Winkler’s one-parameter and Vlasov’s two-parameter elastic subsoils. The influence of the Poisson’s ratio of the plate material on the deflection and cross-section forces in the plate half-band resting on subsoil was analysed. The solutions obtained using Hencky–Bolle’s theory applied to plate half-band on Winkler’s and Vlasov’s subsoils were compared.