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Aphelenchus yinyuensis n. sp. (Tylenchina: Aphelenchoididae) found in Terminalia sp. in China


During a nematode biodiversity survey in Hainan Province, China, Aphelenchus yinyuensis n. sp. was detected in the rhizosphere of Terminalia sp. It is characterized by medium-sized a body of adult nematodes, i.e. 793 (639-877) μm and 756 (647-863) μm for females and males, respectively, with low, rounded, not offset lip region. The lateral field has 10 incisures. The excretory pore is located posterior to the nerve ring. The vagina is not sclerotised and the vulva has simple lips without a flap. The PUS is well developed and forms ca 45 to 83% of the vulva to anus distance. Female tail is straight, cylindrical, ca 2.7 times longer than anal body diam, tail tip broad, and bluntly rounded. Males have four pairs of caudal papillae and spicule 28.7 (25.8-32.3) μm long in the chord and well developed bursa, extending to the tail tip. 18S and 28S rRNA phylogenetic analyses were performed for the new species, and the ITS analysis was not performed due to low posterior probability support. Phylogenetically, the new species grouped with Aphelenchus avenae and this is the first new Aphelenchus species ever described from China.

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