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Improved 18S small subunit rDNA primers for problematic nematode amplification

 and    | Dec 03, 2018


The 18S small subunit (SSU) ribosomal DNA sequence is one of the most useful molecular loci for identification and phylogeny reconstruction of agriculturally important nematodes. Various pairs of universal primers have been developed in the past to amplify short and long nematode sequences. However, certain nematode taxa were not readily amplified and/or sequenced with the existing primer tools. Frequently, the center region of a roughly 1,000 nucleotide segment would be lost. Therefore new primers were developed based on a very large 276 taxon alignment of 124 agriculturally important nematode species, and tested on problematic nematode taxa such as Aphelenchoides, Bursaphelenchus, Ditylenchus, and Panagrolaimus. New primers and protocols are provided for successful generation of sequences useful in future investigations of nematode systematics.

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