Nutrition and physical activity are external factors that contributes to the health of young people.Eating too abundant and a short time allocated to physical activity are risk factors for obesity.

Material and Methods: The study was conducted on a group of 79 pupils from the 9th, 10th and 11th grade. To this it was considered the time allotted daily to physical activity (less than 15 min, 15 - 45 minutes, 45 minutes) and were evaluated with a habitsquestionnaire of consumption frequency.Final evaluation will be made separately by class.

Results and Discussion: In most cases young allocate exercise between 15-45 minutes/day (58.22%).Calculated differences are not statistically significant (p> 0.05, fl = 4, χ2 = 7.390) and highlights the lack of concern for the physical activity of the students. Dominant contribution of milk and cheese is just 2-3 times/week and is totally insufficient and potatoes all 2-3 times/week.Instead sweets are consumed 4-7 times/week (64.55%), by two thirds of the young people surveyed. Conclusions: they eat more sweets and do insufficient sport so there are favorable conditions for obesity in the adolescents from the study group.

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