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The effect of physical effort on the psychological dimensions in the case of former athletes


Starting from the theoretical assumptions regarding the fact that the sustained physical effort had repercussions on the mental dimensions and starting from the findings that I came across in practice regarding the fact that the mental state of the athletes varied in time during an endurance test, the aim of the present research was to investigate the effect of stress caused by sustained physical effort specific to endurance tests on the psychological dimensions – in the case of former athletes. The attaining of the set goal was observed through a small scale experimental study case (two subjects of different age). They were involved in an endeavour for establishing a record for sailing the Danube in recreational kayaks provided with space for luggage; random accommodation. During that expedition, a series of mental characteristics of the participants were measured: emotional stability, anxiety level and degree of optimism. The research pointed out the different adaptive capacity of each individual, regardless of age, experience and personality.

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