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22 Feb 2016
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Spontaneous Hybridization between Pinus sylvestris L. and P. mugo Turra in Slovakia

Published Online: 14 Oct 2017
Volume & Issue: Volume 57 (2008) - Issue 1-6 (December 2008)
Page range: 76 - 82
Received: 28 Nov 2006
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First Published
22 Feb 2016
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Molecular evidence for spontaneous hybridization between Pinus sylvestris L. and P. mugo Turra in the putative hybrid swarm populations of the species in Slovakia was provided based on PCR-RFLP analysis of the cpDNA trnV-trnH region. Species-specific restriction profiles generated by Hinf I digests of the cpDNA products reliably identified P. sylvestris and P. mugo haplotypes of the embryos from open pollination. Simultaneous analysis of the respective cpDNA region in megagametophytes and embryos of individual seeds along with needles of a given maternal tree has enabled to score either the P. sylvestris or P. mugo haplotypes in the embryos illustrating hybridization patterns between the two species. Data obtained in this way indicate a relatively extensive hybridization which takes place between P. sylvestris and P. mugo. The extent of hybridization varied among populations as evidenced by the 41.1-58.7% proportion of hybrid embryos registered on the locality Habovka, and by the 8.3% and 2.7% proportions of hybrid embryos on the localities Tisovnica and Sucha Hora, respectively. The approach itself is recommended as a convenient method for monitoring the hybridization patterns in sympatric zones of the studied pine species.


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