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Rediscovering the Liturgy - a Solution to the Spiritual Crises of Today’s Consumerism?

   | Aug 22, 2017


The post-modern secular society is questioning all traditional Christian values in an attempt to create a new kind of religious life and through the transformation of old religious elements in something else than religion. This new “religious life” is characterized by a process of an overall re-shaping of the whole human world through re-absorption, re-melting and re-elaboration of everything it ever carried in it for thousands of years of Christianity legacy. In such a situation and context, in order to be relevant and survive in a secularist and pluralist society, the Church must first and foremost concentrate on its liturgical life, on its rich Christian spiritual tradition. Only if the Liturgy becomes again the source of all theological expression, as well as of the individual life of each Christian, then the response of the Church to all the problems of modernity will be a living, profound, personal and relevant one.

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