Intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) is a cancer treatment method that combines oncologic surgery with electron beam radiotherapy. This method can reduce the duration of entire tumor treatment and increase its effectiveness. Moreover, shortening the treatment time significantly reduces the cost and accessibility of the therapy. As a result of interdisciplinary research, an innovative accelerator for IOERT, the IntraLine, was developed. In the course of this work, four patent applications were filed. Today, the work is half way through. In the near future, the device will be optimized. New mechanical design solutions will be developed. Mechanical optimization will significantly reduce the weight of the device. Accelerators control system, which today is in the demo phase, will also be significantly upgraded. This paper describes the stages of the IntraLine accelerator development, its current state and plans for the future R&D work, within the scope of our new Intra-Dose project.

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