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Deriving Rain Threshold for Early Warning Based on a Coupled Hydrological-Hydraulic Model


Flash floods are highly variable phenomena in both time and space. Therefore, tools with the potential to provide early warning are needed to analyse them. In Europe, flash floods often occur on small catchments; it has already been shown that the spatial variability of rainfall has a great impact on the catchment response. The aim of this paper is to use a coupled hydrological-hydraulic model (MIKE SHE/MIKE 11) to determine the rainfall thresholds and transformation coefficients from hourly rain to other durations, which will lead to flooding of the inhabited areas to the ungauged Ungureni catchment. The model was calibrated and validated using a reference discharge previously obtained by UTCB at the downstream gauge section of Teleorman River (Tatarastii de Sus) using MIKE 11 UHM module. Once the rainfall thresholds are determined, they can be used in flood forecasting and issuing warning with lead time for the inhabitants of the two villages located in Ungureni watershed. The method proposed in this paper can be used for other watersheds prone to flooding, so warnings can be issued with lead time.

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