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The Emerging Outline of Selected HRM Business Practices In MNC In Central Europe – The Empirical Research Findings


The main goal of the article is to present some selected research findings on HRM business practices in local subsidiaries of multinational corporations in Central Europe in the after-recovery time from the worldwide economic crisis. The main subjects of interest are these kinds of behaviors, activities and opinions which are exhibited by these organizations in association with the business strategies they follow and as a result of their responses to the global economic changes. The article covers such issues as: generic business strategies, competitive factors, centralization and decentralization of HRM at the corporate and local level, responsibility of decisions, critical areas of HRM, competencies of HRM managers and the importance of HRM knowledge flows. The research was conducted in 2016 and the respondents were asked about their HRM practices in a previous year. The presented research findings come from five countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. Although one of the final inferences says that expanding the formulated conclusions on the whole population would not be valid because of the selection, structure and size of the research sample, the conducted research has some cognitive value, especially that this field of knowledge and practice has been poorly recognized so far.

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