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Perspectives of the Language Policy of the EU


In the territory of Europe, a unique political, economic and linguistic formation that does not have any analogy in the world has come into being. The principal problem which the member states of European Union will face in future is the problem of communication, i.e. the language policy of EU. Its basic principle is the multilingualism embedded in the initial documents of the EU. The practical implementation of multilingualism within the EU institutions and its bodies is a real problem that must be resolved with each subsequent expansion of the EU, though this actually depends on the position of languages within the EU itself. The opinions of the EU citizens show their approving the standpoint of European language policy focused on multilingualism. The possible differences of opinions concern with the financial flows in the language market, as well as the dynamics of the position of individual languages within the Union. Foreign language teaching as a part of EU language policy is by its citizens considered crucial for two aspects – the mutual understanding between the citizens and states of the Union and the better assertion in the labour market.

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