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Ultrasonic technique for evaluation of initial stadium of wood degradation in exterior conditions without ground contact


The experiment evaluate the possibility of using non-destructive measure techniques of the mechanical properties of wood using ultrasonic to determine the initial stages of degradation by biotic and abiotic factors in the outdoors without ground contact. Nine tree species were tested: spruce, pine, Douglas fir, larch, oak, black locust, maple, poplar and alder. Test specimens were exposed to the exterior according to EN 927-3, Prague-Suchdol in the Czech Republic. Measuring changes in velocity of ultrasonic using the apparatus Ultrasonic Timer and moisture content change were measured after 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 months. Certain ways of detecting the initial stages of damage have been demonstrated to trees oak, larch and spruce. The initial stages of damage by molds at non-durable maple, alder and poplar had not a clear impact on the decrease in the speed of ultrasonic, as well as hairline surface cracks at the Douglas fir.

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