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Beer as Olfactory Attractant in the Fight Against Harmful Slugs Arion Lusitanicus Mabille 1868 / Piwo Jako Atraktant W Zwalczaniu Szkodliwego Ślimaka Z Gatunku Arion Lusitanicus Mabille 1868


In 2012-2013 a series of laboratory and field experiments were carried out to check out, if beers can be used as olfactory attractants in the fight against harmful slugs Arion lusitanicus. Six brands of lager beer were used for olfactory analysis (Goolman Premium, Harnas Jasne Pełne, Tatra Mocne, Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane, Lezajsk Niepasteryzowane, Wojak Jasny Pelny). During laboratory and field tests it was evidenced that beers of all types were more attractive for slugs than water.

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