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Cloud Service for Numerical Calculations and Visualizations of Photonic Dissipative Systems

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Special Issue With Selected Papers From The Workshop “Two Years Avitohol: Advanced High Performance Computing Applications 2017


Nowadays quantum physics is crucial for several scientific applications, where it is no longer possible to neglect the environmental interaction, like dissipation and decoherence. In these cases, the quantum systems are usually treated as open systems and their time-evolution is described by a density matrix in frames of the master equation, instead of the Hilbert-space vector and the Schrodinger equation. The visualization of such quantum systems allows users to calculate and study the sensitivity of the parameters, like excitation photon numbers or photonnumber distribution functions or Wigner functions. In this paper, a cloud service for numerical calculations and visualization of photonic dissipative systems is presented, which enables numerical simulations and visualizations of a wide variety of Hamiltonians, including those with arbitrary time-dependences widely used in many physics applications. The service allows creating graphics and charts for interacting complex systems and simulating their time evolution with many available timeevolution drivers.

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