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RFID Tag Ownership Transfer Protocol with Retrospective Ability


Tag ownership transfer is an important process for RFID system. Besides the user needs to obtain the information concerning the quality of products in some scenarios, which are attached by tags. In this paper, we proposed an ownership transfer protocol with retrospective ability and analyzed its security level by using GNY logic. The results indicate that the ownership transfer protocol provides high-quality security to RFID systems. It provides an authentication between the tag and owners and location privacy of the tag. The protocol enables to resist a replay attack, man-in-the-middle attack and desynchronization attack. It also protects forward security and backward security. Moreover, it provides the information concerning the quality of the product attached by tags. We analyzed the performance of the protocol and implemented it. The results of the empirical study show that the cost time of a tag is less than some other protocols and suitable for low-cost tags.

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