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Biogas Installations for Harvesting Energy and Utilization of Natural Fertilisers


Development of innovative technological solutions in animal production should be associated with reduction of greenhouse gases, ammonia emission, and with rational disposal of natural fertilizers. The presented solutions and concepts of biogas acquisition and its disposal as well as a disposal of digestate mass place a need to improve the technological process before the science. The main aim of the presented solutions for the use of methane fermentation of a natural fertiliser in agricultural conditions is their utilization and energy acquisition, in particular for households and farms. When considering the issue of methane fermentation, one should include all favourable fertilization, energy aspects and firstly, the ecological ones. During the methane fermentation, substrates are stabilized due to removal of a large amount of carbon. The only elements that are removed from the system are evolving gases: CH4, CO2 and H2S. During the discussed process, the entire nitrogen is preserved in the organic or ammonia form.