Sciendo is the only company in the world that meets the two most important needs of an academic and professional conference organizer. We can publish your conference proceedings and also provide you with one of the world's best event management systems.

What services do we offer to conference organizers?

  • Open access to conference papers
  • Assistance in editing and marketing
  • Abstracting and indexing support
  • Event and abstract management system
  • Print-on-demand

Choose the publishing package that suits your needs

Our services are bundled into three packages


Basic services to facilitate proceedings publication, ISBN registration


Standard Package,
typesetting and proofreading

Classic Package,
heavy editing, an ePub version, extra marketing
Hosting and distribution platform
Wide electronic distribution
Print on demand and delivery
Content and book indexing
Typesetting and proofreading
Copyediting (heavy edit)
ePub version
Professional content marketing

Customize your package by adding opt-in services

Event management system

Sciendo can support you with conference planning, budgeting, and marketing. Our event management system ensures easy program management, attendee registration and tracking, as well as a secure payment process. What is mare, it features a separate module to collect, edit and handle submitted papers.

For additional information and professional consultation,

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