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The Official Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Skopje at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
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Macedonian Veterinary Review (Mac Vet Rev) is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning veterinary sciences and related academic disciplines.

As an official publication of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Skopje at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, the journal is published two times per year in English language, as an online (e-ISSN 1857-7425) and a printed (p-ISSN 1409-7621) edition.

"Mac Vet Rev" covers all scientific and technological aspects of veterinary sciences such as: anatomy, histology and embryology, physiology, biochemistry, animal welfare, pharmacology and toxicology, microbiology with immunology, pathology, public health, food safety quality, parasitology, infectious diseases, clinical sciences, reproduction of animals, veterinary economy, alternative veterinary medicine and other biomedical as well as medical fields.

The Journal "Mac Vet Rev" accepts high quality scientific papers who passed the per-review procedure from the field of veterinary sciences - basic, clinical, environmental, animal-origin food hygiene, feed hygiene, food safety and quality, animal and public health etc.

The Journal " Mac Vet Rev" does not charge for processing or submission of articles, which means that all articles submitted and accepted for publishing in Mac Vet Rev are FREE of CHARGE.

The full text of PDF files, published in the last "Current Issue" are available on the Journal archive webpage at

Why subscribe and read

  • It is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal published two times per year only in English language.
  • The Journal “Mac Vet Rev” publishes original research from all areas of the veterinary sciences: basic, clinical, environmental, animal-origin food hygiene, feed hygiene, food safety and quality, animal and public health, including the most recent and significant findings.
  • The Journal “Mac Vet Rev” represents an international forum for the dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning veterinary sciences and related academic disciplines.
  • The Journal is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between researchers from different countries all around the world.
  • The “Mac Vet Rev” has high standards of its contents. It has good publishing quality in electronic and printed form.
  • Macedonian Veterinary Review is being published for more than 35 years by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

Why submit

  • the Journal is always freely available online
  • fast, fair and constructive peer review procedure
  • on-line first article publishing that is citable by the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allowing permanent resolution to each article and giving publishers the ability to link their references to articles whenever they are cited
  • no payment for article processing or publishing fee is required from authors
  • free language-correction services for all authors especially from non-English speaking regions
  • free publication of color figures, graphs and tables in published articles
  • extensive promotion of each published article
  • immediate publication of articles
  • worldwide dissemination and unrestricted access to all published articles
  • high quality publishing, available in both forms, electronic and printed
  • promotion of each article in numerous abstracting databases
  • CrossCheck Plagiarism Screening System

Peer Review Statement

The Macedonian Veterinary Review (Mac Vet Rev) reviews all submitted manuscripts. The publication of manuscripts is subject of the referees’ approval after the peer-review process. The publishing of the accepted papers is FREE OF CHARGE.

The Mac Vet Rev uses a double-blind peer review process for evaluating papers. It is conducted through an online Manuscript Manager editorial and peer review software system for receiving and reviewing all submitted manuscripts.

Macedonian Veterinary Review recommends and accepts the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers where all basic principles and standards are described and to which all peer reviewers should adhere during the peer-review process.

Peer Review Process

When a manuscript is submitted to Macedonian Veterinary Review, it undergoes an initial pre-screening by the Editor-in-chief and appropriate members of the Editorial Board to determine whether the paper fits the scope of the journal. If the manuscript meets the journal’s minimum standards for publication, the paper undergoes iThenticate software for the detection of plagiarism. The papers that pass the criteria of plagiarism are entering a peer-review process.

The Editor-in-chief nominates at least two peer referees upon the recommendation of the Editorial and Advisory board members. The Journal has a list of reviewers that is continually updating. The referees are carefully selected from among qualified scientists in the international scientific community.

The papers in the Mac Vet Rev are reviewed in a double-blinded manner in which the author(s), as well as their affiliations, are unknown to the reviewers, who remain also anonymous. The submitted manuscripts are sent to the referees together with the Instructions for reviewers. The referees have to fill out the online reviewer/evaluation form, incorporated into the Manuscript manager software system.

Decision: The Editor-in-chief's decision is based on the referees’ assessments and recommendations. A decision is made as "Accept", "Accept after revision" and "Reject".

If there is a marked discrepancy in the assessments and recommendations between the referees or in opinions between the author and referee(s), the Editor-in-chief may send the manuscript to another referee for additional assessment. Three repeated decisions of "Accept after revision" are regarded as "Reject".

The positively reviewed manuscript is returned to the corresponding author with comments and recommended revisions. Revisions are usually requested to take account of criticism and comments made by referees. Failure to resubmit the revised manuscript within four (4) weeks is regarded as a withdrawal unless prolonged upon the author’s request. The corresponding author must indicate clearly, what alterations have been made in response to the referees' comments point by point.

The peer review process may in general take eight (8) weeks from the manuscript submission to the first decision. For detailed Journal records/statistics see

Accepted articles have DOI numbers obtained by Sciendo and are published as Ahead of Print as they become ready. Once published, articles are then selected for a subsequent online and printed issue. All publishing of the accepted papers is FREE OF CHARGE for the authors.


Sciendo archives the contents of this journal in Portico - digital long-term preservation service of scholarly books, journals and collections.

Plagiarism Policy

The editorial board is participating in a growing community of Similarity Check System's users in order to ensure that the content published is original and trustworthy. Similarity Check is a medium that allows for comprehensive manuscripts screening, aimed to eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process.

Publication timeframe:
2 times per year
Journal Subjects:
Life Sciences, other, Medicine, Basic Medical Science, Veterinary Medicine