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Original research papers, review articles and educational material within all aspects of electrical bioimpedance are published in the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (JoEB). We may also accept manuscripts that are not directly reporting on bioimpedance work, but are focusing on research that is relevant for electrical bioimpedance and hence of particular interest to our readers. For educational material, only the theory part (syllabus) will be published in JoEB and links will be made to any other material (videos, presentations, websites, etc) that the authors wish to share. Manuscripts submitted to JoEB should adhere strictly to the MS Word or LaTeX templates.

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This journal provides immediate open access to its content under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license. Authors who publish with this journal retain all copyrights and agree to the terms of the above-mentioned CC BY 4.0 license.

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The journal is an Open Access journal that allows a free unlimited access to all its contents without any restrictions upon publication to all users.