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Manuscripts should be submitted via online manuscript submission system

Manuscripts should be typed in LaTex. The first page should contain the title and the authors names. Place any footnotes to the title at the bottom of first page. Each paper requires an abstract not exceeding 200 words summarizing the methods and main conclusions.
Mathematics Subject Classification 2010 and a list of relevant keys words must accompany all articles.
Complete affiliations and electronic mail addresses can be placed on the last page.
Each paper requires a proposed running head (abbreviated form of the title) of no more than 40 characters and the name of the author to whom proofs should be sent.
Equations should be centered with the numbers placed in parantheses at the left margin.
Figures should be in eps or other formats recognized by LaTex.
References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript.
The final version of the manuscript must by typeset using LaTex according to the Journal’s article style.

Review Procedure:

All papers will undergo a thorough peer review unless the subject matter of the paper 
does not fit the Journal; in this case, the author will be informed promptly.
Every effort will be made to secure a decision in one and to publish accepted papers within two years. The corresponding author receives proofs, which should be corrected 
and returned to the Publisher within 15 days of receipt.

The reviewers can download the electronic Referee's Form from this link GM-Referee-Report

Open Access Statement

The journal is an Open Access journal that allows a free unlimited access to all its contents without any restrictions upon publication to all users.

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