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30 Dec 2020
© 2021 AuthorsThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Yogyakarta Women in the Public Spaces Struggle During 1945-1950

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Pubblicato online il: 01 Apr 2021
Pubblicato per la prima volta
30 Dec 2020
© 2021 AuthorsThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Table of Contents
Implementation of Character Education to Develop Student's Global Knowledge
Developing an Instrument to Measure the Pre-Service Teacher’s Personality Competence in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
The Face of Politeness in Minangkabau Culture: An Analysis of the Speech of Minangkabau Culture Leaders
Message Reception of Shopee’s Free Shipping for Female Employees (Case Study of Principal Inspectorate of The Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia)
Teaching Values Through Reflective Practice: Senior High School Teacher Experiences
Moral Education Based on Local Wisdom of Samin Community in Klopoduwur Village, Blora Regency
How Good is Google Classroom in Online Learning of Experimental Design Analysis Courses: A Discrepancy Evaluation
Components and Patterns of Hypercontent Textbook Design as Innovative Learning Resources in Digital Learning Era
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Educational Sector On Livelihood Communities Around the Lagoi Tourism Area of Bintan Regency
Re-understanding Historical Sites: Preserving of Islamic and Colonial Sites in Malang
Evaluation of Managerial Distance Learning Program in Junior High School Special Region of Yogyakarta
Cooperation of Schools with Business World and Industries in Vocational High School
Teacher's Capability in the Application of Curriculum 2013 in Public Junior High School Yogyakarta
The Effect of Supervision Activities and Ownership Concentration on Board Compensation: Study in Indonesian Banking Companies
The Impact of the Development of Cirebon Towards the Socioeconomic of its Society in 1906-1942
Persari Funfair: The Charity Funfair for Invalidents in West Java 1950
A Discourse Analysis to a Video Entitled Polemik Poligami Di Indonesia: Berbagi Surga of Vice Indonesia Channel
The Role of Humas PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) in Managing Crisis Due to Disclaimer Issue on Construction of Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA)
Direct Presidential Election in Indonesia (Comparative Study of 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019)
The Success Rate of Cinema 21’s Public Service Advertisement on their Official Instagram Account’s (@Cinema.21) Post Based on Customer Response Index
The Indigenous Marriage Ceremony of the Nyorong Tradition in the Sorinomo Community
Does SAK Online Enhance the Environmental Performance?
An Analysis on Economic Conditions of Former Trafficking Victims Migrant Workers in Nomporejo, Galur, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta
Internationalization of Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s Nationalism Values in Ibu Pawiyatan Tamansiswa Junior High School Yogyakarta
Communication Strategy of the Vocational Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia in Order to Reach the Open Government
The Authority of Women with Tattoos
The Effect of CSR Disclosure and Profitability on Company Value
Do bullying effect on student achievement in Indonesia? Analysis based on PISA 2018
Developing Paper Shadow Puppets as Media for History Learning at SHS’s
Employee Career Management for Sustainable HR Planning, Training, and Performance Measurement
The Effect of Gender on Risk Taking among Indonesians
Healthy Soul as Message Sublimation of Traveloka #Jalanbersama Indonesia Facing Pandemic Situation
Strategic Marketing Communication in Promoting Ketep Pass
Organizational Communication Impact of Banking Industry: Between Internal Branding and Employee Loyalty
Gender Education and Gender Awareness: Gender Mainstreaming in Sustainable Development A Theoretical Overview
The Environmental Awarness of Junior Highs School Students in Sleman Yogyakarta
Cultural Discourse of Siasat Magazine at 1947-1961
Measuring the Achievement of the Unemployment and Poverty Target in the Sustainable Development Goals Program in Pandemi Covid-19
A Mindset Education Model for Character Building of the Students of Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
Construction of Al-Irsyad's Ideology
Protection of Child Rights to Violence in the Elementary School in Sleman Regency
Culture Transformation of Character Reinforcement Through Gerakan Sekolah Menyenangkan
Humanitarian Tolerance in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era on Lampung's Local Cultural Values Piil Pesenggiri
The Representation of Female Workers in Social Media of Instagram
Islam and Culture in Southeast Asia: An Investigation of the Acculturative Modes in Indonesia and Brunei
Shari’ah Governance Disclosure Index: An Ideal Indicator for Islamic Financial Institutions
Testing McClelland’s Theory of Needs with Feeling Individually Accountable and Informal Accountability for Others in the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur
History for Fun: An Online History Learning Concept During Covid-19 Pandemic
Social Justice education in the Infrastructure of Digital citizenship as a Vehicle for the Formation of National Identity
Destination Branding on Indonesian Tourism (Analysis of Laura Oswald's Marketing Semiotic in @kemenparekraf.ri)
Wellness Tourism Opportunities Amid Covid-19 Pandemic: Literature Study
The Relation Between Self Concept and Student Achievement
Independent Collaborative Journalism: How Local Journalists Cooperate to Cover in depth and Investigative News about Covid-19 in Yogyakarta
The Relationship of School Environment to Student Tolerance in Indonesia
Yogyakarta Women in the Public Spaces Struggle During 1945-1950
Using Inquiry Methods in Teaching Social Studies Education at Secondary High Schools of Indonesia