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Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Different Hydrated Monocalcium Phosphates for Broiler Chickens



Three hydrated monocalcium phosphates differing in purity (with or without monetite, or monetite and calcite) and in crystalline structure were used in broiler chickens diets. The performance indices, concentration of Ca, P and Mg and activity of alkaline phosphatase in blood plasma, the content of these mineral elements in bones, and physico-mechanical parameters of femur and tibia bones were recorded. Body weight on 35th day of life, feed intake and mechanical parameters of bone quality were slightly affected by the type of phosphates used. Higher Ca and P concentration in blood was stated in chickens fed diets with greater purity of phosphates, but activity of alkaline phosphatase has increased with the admixture of monetite or calcite used in phosphates. The best parameters of bone quality were found in the treatment in which hydrated monocalcium phosphate (MCP) with admixture of monetite and calcite was applied. Higher concentration of both Ca and Mg in bone was determined in chickens fed diets with pure phosphates.

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