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New view of properties and applicability of the circular and relascopic sample plots for the inventory and monitoring of the forest ecosystems


In the paper, dendrometric and biometric properties of four types of sample plots (size-constant, sizevariable, concentric circles, and relascope method) are comprehensively analyzed. Their possibilities to fulfil new demands for inventories, especially with respect to aims, information spectrum, the precision of results, economic efficiency and time-based comparability of results, which have being imposed during the last years, are reviewed as well. Experimental data obtained from up-to-now research of the author as well as from the computer simulations of model forest stands and direct field measurements in forest stands having diverse structure served as the base for this study. All types of sample plots were established in the same number and in the same location of the same forest stands, which ensures its maximum comparability. The data are processed, generalized and tested by using the adequate mathematical-statistical methods. The results provide proposals for optimal application of the studied types of sample plots in the planning and performance of sample-based forest inventories at the stand, regional as well as the national level. The above-mentioned procedures are an important part of the methodology and decision making and it cannot be performed in the same way for different level or region (locality). They are to be performed with regard to the forest structure, demands for information spectrum as well as to available financial resources.

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