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Experimental and numerical study of the behavior of a stone column subject to the loading effect



The realization of engineering structures in compressible sites, requires in-depth geotechnical reconnaissance, as well as a study of the mechanical behavior of the soil, in order to adapt suitable soil improvement solutions. This is the case with the Annaba viaduct in Algeria, where it was found during the site survey that the soil is poor and very compressible. The foundations in these soils eventually pose the problem of their low bearing capacity and significant settlement. This, therefore, leads to the choice of reinforcement techniques. Among the many methods of improving soils, we have selected the stone column technique. The object of our article is to study the behavior of these columns, in terms of settlement and, through the loading tests on real site, we have found out that the intermediate columns are stiffer and more confined than the bank columns and the percentage reduction in settlements of these two types is important. Then, this experimental study is validated by the Plaxis 2D software, where the configurations are studied to find the best model that approximates the real behavior of the reinforced soil.

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