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Analysis of the Indoor Climate in a Small, Newly-Built Auditorium



The article focuses on an analysis of the indoor climate in a small, newly-built auditorium. Providing optimal indoor climate parameters in the interiors of a university is extremely important for students. Meeting these parameters is essential not only from a physiological point of view, but also to achieve desirable student performances. The parameters of CO2 concentration are also influenced by the air distribution system in a small auditorium. The correct positions of the supply and extract air is very important. The first experimental measurements of CO2 concentration were carried out in a small auditorium in an old building. The natural ventilation of the small auditorium was evaluated. The second experimental measurements of the CO2 concentration were made in a small auditorium in a newly-built building. The ventilation system and the modern air distribution system of the small, newly-built auditorium were evaluated based on the CO2 concentration and the PMV index. A Testo 480 was used for the measurements. The conclusion of this paper contains the recommendations for the design of a newly-built ventilation system in a small auditorium.

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