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Calculation of the Constructive Nonlinearity of Ribbed Reinforced Concrete Slabs of Self-Stressed Covering Panels



Precast reinforced concrete constructions meet the requirements of industrialization, high manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness at a reasonably high level. The ribs in constructions perform load-bearing functions, and the slab part performs enclosing functions. Often before the installation of such structures at a construction site, they are mounted from assembly elements. The overall dimensions of the elements are limited by transportation requirements. During such an aggregated mounting, the assembly units work according to a calculation scheme that differs from an operational scheme. The structural nonlinearity of ribbed reinforced concrete slabs during transportation, mounting, and installation, and the operation of a combined spatial covering panel were investigated in this paper. The effects were identified, and a rational design of nodes connecting the individual prefabricated units into a spatial structure was developed. With the help of these nodes, it is possible to create unloading support moments, which will reduce the internal forces in the design cross-sections. The effects of changes in the width of the reinforced concrete slab shelves on the internal forces of the load-bearing ribs of a wall and a roof panel were investigated.

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