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06 Mar 2015
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The Determinants of International Competitiveness

Pubblicato online: 24 Jan 2022
Volume & Edizione: Volume 16 (2021) - Edizione 3 (December 2021)
Pagine: 247 - 265
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06 Mar 2015
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The dynamics of the competitiveness in today’s economic environment has received increasing attention focusing on continuous and consistent consideration, requiring more in-depth scientific research. This topic highlights new challenges for competitiveness, at any level, by identifying and analyzing its own determinants. The present paper aims to develop a proposal model for the international competitiveness, starting from the determinants identified in the literature review. The 8-D model of international competitiveness integrates investment, economic freedom, corruption, global knowledge, culture, business performance, innovation and digital economy, and sustainability at the country level. Considering this conceptual model 8-D, the study aims to present an in-depth analysis of the top 5 most developed countries on each determinant proposed during 2019-2021 according to the international reports and ranks.


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