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26 Mar 2010
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Economic Performance of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Optimal Design of Resources

Pubblicato online: 28 Jun 2022
Volume & Edizione: Volume 26 (2022) - Edizione 1 (January 2022)
Pagine: 441 - 453
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Prima pubblicazione
26 Mar 2010
Frequenza di pubblicazione
2 volte all'anno

The renewable energy is expanding in the sub-systems of distribution electrical grids, due to having low energy costs and high reliability. In this study, off-grid design of the hybrid energy system based-renewable resources is proposed for a house in Hamadan city in Iran. The resources are designed based on economic and climate data such as battery, solar cells, wind turbines, and electrolyser/fuel cell. The design of mentioned resources is done with attention to twofold optimization modelling including operation cost (OC) and net present cost (NPC). The modelling of resources is implemented in HOMER software based on optimal sizing and installation costs. In the numerical simulation, the three optimal designs are presented to meet electrical demand with minimum costs and high reliability.


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