Monte Carlo (MC) simulation is the gold standard for dose calculation. An accurate mathematical source model can be used for the radiation beams. Source models can consist of sub-sources or fewer sources with data that need to be measured. This can speed up treatment plan verification without the need for a full simulation of the radiation treatment machine.

Aims: This study aimed to construct a novel hybrid source model for 6 MV photon beams for an Elekta Synergy accelerator and to commission it against measured beam data and treatments plans.

Methods and Material: The model comprised of a circular photon and planar electron contamination source. The modified Schiff formula provided off-axis variable bremsstrahlung spectra. Collimation and scatter were modelled with error functions. An exponential function modelled the transmitted fluence through the collimators. The source model was commissioned by comparing simulated and measured MC data. Dose data included profiles, depth dose and film measurements in a Rando phantom. Field sizes ranged from 1 × 1 cm2 to 40 × 40 cm2.

Results: Regular, wedged and asymmetrical fields could be modelled within 1.5% or 1.5 mm. More than 95% of all points lie within 3% or 3 mm for the multi-leaf collimators contours data. A gamma criterion of 3% or 3 mm was met for a complex treatment case.

Conclusions: The two sub-source model replicated clinical 6 MV Elekta Synergy photons beams and could calculate the dose accurately for conformal treatments in complex geometries such as a head-and-neck case.

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