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A Comparative Study on Soils Degree of Swelling Using New Correlations Formulas



The main objective of this paper is to apply the correlations to evaluate the risk of soil swelling in the area of the north-west part of Algeria. On this basis, 84 soil samples were collected from laboratories in the region, plus a reading of the main publications on swelling soils in the area of the north-west part of Algeria, and then different types of regressions were applied to this data. The results show that the plasticity index has a high degree of influence on the swelling pressure; the swelling potential and the swelling coefficient compared to the clay content. New empirical relationships were found between the swelling pressure and swelling potential; these correlations are good concordances with the literature. Cubic; quadratic and multiple models of regression seem are in good concordances better adapted compared to simple linear regression models in the presented study.

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