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Modeling and Analyzing Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in Lacul Morii Using Mike Zero Software



Reservoir modeling involves the construction of a computer model for prediction purposes and making decisions regarding the best operation of the reservoir. The environmental consequences of dams and reservoirs are numerous and varied, and includes direct impacts to the physical, chemical and biological properties of reservoirs and environments. This paper dealt with the study of the dissolved oxygen and the BOD concentrations in the inflow streams as well as those in Lake Morii, as well as the effects of phytoplankton, chlorophyll and reaeration rate using simulations in Mike Zero software. The main objectives of this research are to investigate the concentration of dissolved oxygen if they are among the required of water quality standards and how they are dispersed in the lake during a specific time period, as well as reducing concentration the BOD when it reached highest level, especially in summer time The simulations obtained gave us very good results about the dissolved oxygen and BOD concentrations in the reservoir.

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