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Need for Implementation of Sex Education Curriculum in Primary Schools to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse in Pakistan



Sex education for children does not imply that children are responsible for their own safety, but rather that children should be provided with protective, effective, and interactive education that builds resilience and reduces their vulnerability to sexual harm. As a result, it is critical to provide a secure atmosphere for children at school, where they spend the majority of their time. Sex education curriculum for the prevention of child sexual abuse will seek to give children the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and prevent probable sexual abuse scenarios. The primary school sex education curriculum will be founded on the ideology of empowering children and the concept that care is an integral aspect of child care and protection. The Ministry of Education should determine the need for sex education in primary schools to prevent sexual abuse of children, support it, and include it in the curriculum. This curriculum’s purpose should be to build and maintain a proactive environment that protects children by preventing sexual abuse or assuring early detection, intervention, and reporting.

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