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Does coopetition pay off? Benefits of intra-organizational coopetition within business groups



Coopetition has gained considerable attention in the management literature. Yet, the best recognized is inter-organizational coopetition. The intra-organizational coopetition is still under-researched and there is a gap in the comprehensive evaluation of the benefits of intra-organizational coopetition. This paper attempts to identify the main positive outcomes in the coopetition relationship between affiliates within business groups based on a survey questionnaire in the largest business groups listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The findings of the study reveal that coopetition at the intra-organizational level generates many benefits. The main ones are resource benefits and improved market and financial performance. The positive effects of intra-organizational coopetition are somewhat similar to the benefits of inter-organizational coopetition. However, some differences support the view on the specificity of coopetition at each level.