Although the open strategizing (OS) approach can bring a wide range of benefits, there are also numerous risks identified. These risks are core sources of organizational dilemmas and challenges that appear in the decision-making process in two dimensions of OS – inclusion and transparency, both of which we further explore.


Following the suggestions of some scholars, we have employed the specific context of research and investigated companies from creative industries in Poland. We applied purposeful sampling with maximum sample variation to collect relevant and rich data and identify shared patterns. We conducted in-depth interviews with the owners or CEOs of the chosen creative firms.


We have recognized some recurring fears and anxieties accompanying the OS concept in general and different categories of challenges in particular. This paper suggests that a specific mindset reflected in a particular organizational climate (open climate) might undermine a company’s efforts in considering and adopting such a strategy.


By offering an initial conceptualization of an open climate as a potential further research avenue, this study contributes to the OS stream of research.