In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the field of natural language processing. Determining which syntactic function is right for a specific word is an important task in this field, being useful for a variety of applications like understanding texts, automatic translation and question-answering applications and even in e-learning systems. In the Romanian language, this is an even harder task because of the complexity of the grammar. The present paper falls within the field of “Natural Language Processing”, but it also blends with other concepts such as “Gamification”, “Social Choice Theory” and “Wisdom of the Crowd”. There are two main purposes for developing the application in this paper:

a) For students to have at their disposal some support through which they can deepen their knowledge about the syntactic functions of the parts of speech, a knowledge that they have accumulated during the teaching hours at school

b) For collecting data about how the students make their choices, how do they know which grammar role is correct for a specific word, these data being primordial for replicating the learning process