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Decision-making model for the specification of wood as an input for the production of wooden musical instruments



The main aim of the paper is to propose formalised decision-making model for the selection of suitable parts of raw wood for the production of musical instruments and to decrease uncertainty in the purchasing process. It deals with the problem which was never solved before. The paper presents the methodology of input evaluation, considering the principles of sustainable development. We present by means of a supplier selection example and criteria evaluation, that an outranking approach may be very well suited as a decision-making tool for initial purchasing decisions. We have identified this step from the scientific point of view and from the questionnaire sent to musical instrument producers. There were used the following methods: questionnaire, decision tree and statistical methods of questionnaire processing. Our proposed decision tool/methodology could help on both sides of supply chain – as on the side of raw wood supply as on the side of raw wood demand. Based on the results of scientific research we can say that all assessed hypotheses were confirmed and, in the following, it was designed decision-making model by the method of decision tree. We have developed a conceptual model of buyer’s decision-making uncertainty can be reduced by the buyer’s perceptions of supplier trust, supplier commitment, and supplier dependence. Based on data collected from a questionnaire, our study confirms the negative effect of buyers’ trust in the supplier on their uncertainty in purchase decisions. It helps to optimise the identification, specification and evaluation of key factors for a wood as an input into the production of musical instruments. From the economic point of view, our proposals could help to increase value added in the production of wooden musical instruments and at the same time it could decrease possible waste from the undesirable raw wood input.

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