Open textbook initiatives have emerged as an alternative to traditional publications, boosting the creation of educational resources based on open licenses. In order to make them sustainable, it is necessary to define strategies for the adoption of these initiatives by the different actors involved in the education institutions where they will be implemented. In this article we present the components of the adoption strategy designed for the LATIn Initiative. In Section 2 we present the relevant background information collected in a state-of-the-art reviewing. We then present in Section 3 the components defined for the Strategy for the Adoption of the LATIn Project. In this respect, in Section 4 we present the main processes defined. Furthermore, in Section 5 we identify the intervention of Actors and Contexts. Finally, in Section 6 we include the Phases of Implementation of the strategy, defined as Initial Phase, Generalization Phase and Institutionalization Phase. In Section 7 we present the Conclusions of this work.

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