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The Influence of Cigarette Moisture to the Chemistry of Particulate Phase Smoke of a Common Commercial Cigarette



This study presents the results on the influence of cigarette moisture content to the chemical composition of particulate phase smoke. Seventy-five selected compounds were monitored for the comparison of particulate phase smoke of a commercial full-flavored (FF) cigarette with three different moisture contents at 7.8%, 14.5% and 20.4%, respectively. It was demonstrated that the smoke of a dry cigarette is richer in lower molecular mass compounds than a regular cigarette. On the other hand, the smoke of a moist cigarette is richer in higher molecular mass compounds than a regular cigarette. To maximize the influence of cigarette moisture to the chemical composition, a separate set of measurements were done using only the first three puffs of smoke. The accumulation of moisture in the tobacco column of a burning cigarette may influence the smoke composition, as generated during burning. The differences between dry, regular and moist cigarettes were more obvious for the first three puffs.

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