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Study on the Filling Differences in Cigarettes/Untersuchung über den fühlbaren Härteunterschied bei Cigaretten

   | 12 lug 2014


In several lots of cigarette samples the differences in hardness or filling of which had objectively been defined were estimated by a group of experts. The judgement was formed per pair of samples by the criteria ''harder" or ''softer". The part of correct answers was brought into a relation with the hardness or filling difference objectively determined. With the use of a logarithmic scale as basis for the hardness or filling difference, this relation was shown to be linear, which made it possible, based on all results of the experiment, to determine the threshold values of hardness for the capacity of differentiating sensorially. The authors are of the opinion that the described procedure is therefore capable of providing optimum results also in the case of similar problems, if the relation between sensorial judgements and objective measuring values is to be demonstrated

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