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A Study on Pipe Smoking by Machines / Beitrag zum Problem des maschinellen Pfeifenabrauchens



The author gives a survey of the publications which have been made up to now regarding the problem of pipe smoking by machines. The parameters which should be set up for the establishment of standard conditions for the smoking of pipes are discussed. The following conditions were found to be useful: puff frequency: 6 puffs per minute, puff volume: 40 ml, duration of puff: 1.5 sec., total number of puffs: 100 puffs per pipe. The reproducibility of this smoking process was found to be satisfactory. The smoking with undivided puffs led to the same results as the smoking with subdivided puffs (puff series). When the same tobacco was once smoked in the pipe and on the other hand as a cigarette, the composition of the mainstream smoke changed. The smoke condensate of the pipe contained more water and more benzo[a]pyrene than the condensate of the cigarette. A possible explanation of this finding is discussed.

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