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13 Mar 2012
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Tunnel Parsing with the Token’s Lexeme

Pubblicato online: 23 Jun 2022
Volume & Edizione: Volume 22 (2022) - Edizione 2 (June 2022)
Pagine: 125 - 144
Ricevuto: 17 Jan 2022
Accettato: 12 Apr 2022
Dettagli della rivista
Prima pubblicazione
13 Mar 2012
Frequenza di pubblicazione
4 volte all'anno

The article describes a string recognition approach, engraved in the parsers generated by Tunnel Grammar Studio that use the tunnel parsing algorithm, of how a lexer and a parser can operate on the input during its recognition. Proposed is an addition of the augmented Backus-Naur form syntax that enables the formal language to be expressed with a parser grammar and optionally with an additional lexer grammar. The tokens outputted from the lexer are matched to the phrases in the parser grammar by their name and optionally by their lexeme, case sensitively or insensitively.


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