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Exhausting Beauties, Fashion Faux Pas, and Sartorial Rights. How Fashion Shaped the Self-definition of Gen X, Y, Z? A Case Study of Euphoria, Girls, and Sex and the City

   | 16 nov 2022


The article focuses on fashion consumption patterns emerging from prominent TV series that have created generational fandoms. Three series (Sex and the City, Girls, and Euphoria) representing the three most important generations (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z) present in contemporary US society and global popular culture highlight the most mainstream contemporary fashion attitudes. Based on a deductive approach-based thematic analysis with focus on the semantic role of the dress played in the visual narrative, the research considers how fashion is used in building characters and their fashion- and clothing-culture-related values. The analysis concludes that the most important features of the generational fashion attitudes are as follows: materialist individualism for generation X, irony and anti-fashion for generation Y, and psychological coping mechanism for generation Z.

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Volume Open
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Cultural Studies, Cultural Theory, General Cultural Theory, Social Sciences, Sociology, other, Anthropology, Social Anthropology