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High Simulation Reconstruction of Crowd Animation Based on Optical Flow Constraint Equation

   | 15 lug 2022


The amount of information available in modern life is very high. And people's knowledge about what kind of genre they like or prefer, the richness of content and the frequency of use will affect the quality of their animation works and their style. Therefore, how to make animation reach a higher level of simulation has become one of the topics of social concern nowadays; with the advent of mobile Internet era, more and more people like this social platform, and in this environment, we need to personalize ourselves and integrate into it faster through various technical means. In this paper, researchers focus on the reconstruction of crowd movement trajectory based on the optical flow constraint equation (SDH) after modification. Since lasers, cameras and other devices have high-intensity pixel resolution characteristics as well as better directional characteristics, we can use these features to design and build the function; then we can complete the relevant actions according to the prototype model under certain conditions, realize the simulation of the scene according to its requirements, and finally complete the required functions of the whole system. Finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of the optical flow constraint equation and the optimized action model in practical applications are verified through experiments; at the same time, this also provides reference values for relevant staff.

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