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Analysis of wireless English multimedia communication based on spatial state model equation



In order to improve the quality of wireless English multimedia communication, according to the characteristics of space multimedia communication environment and communication equipment, this paper proposes a wireless English synchronous QoS control algorithm with low complexity and easy implementation. Using RTCPSRRTP timestamp and NTP absolute timestamp, the wireless English RTP timestamp is mapped to the same absolute reference clock (sender system time) respectively, and the wireless English synchronization detection decision rule is established according to the synchronization QoS performance requirements between wireless English media. Wireless English synchronization control system model at the receiver. At the receiving end, the wireless English stream is the main media stream and the video stream is the slave media stream. The synchronization detection and judgment is implemented in real time before the video frame is played. The synchronization between audio and video media is realized by corresponding synchronization control of wireless English playback. State space model reflects all the information of system dynamic behavior and is a complete description of system behavior. The state space model has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for SISO linear constant systems, but also suitable for nonlinear systems, time-varying systems, MIMO systems and stochastic systems. The more outstanding advantage is that the state space model adopts local calculation and uses the state variables inside the system to describe its dynamic characteristics. This property of local calculation not only greatly simplifies the mathematical expression of multi-dimensional system, but also facilitates the analysis and research of the system. The air link rate of the wireless transceiver is set to 512Kbps. The video is encoded based on H.264 and the audio is encoded based on G.729 Speech coding standard. Compared with the wireless English media synchronization control algorithm based on RTP / RTCP, the results show that the RMSE value after adopting the synchronization algorithm in this paper is reduced by 60.09% and 77.69% at most; Compared with the wireless English media synchronization control algorithm based on RTP / RTCP, the synchronization performance of this algorithm is better than the wireless English media synchronization control algorithm. The RMSE value is reduced by 2% on average and 5.2% at most. In addition, the synchronization control algorithm between wireless English media performs synchronization control by losing frames or pausing decoding before video decoding at the receiver, which affects the quality of wireless English video decoding and reconstruction.

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